George Duncan | Brewer, Business Owner, Smiley Guy
George likes to understand how the world works, and his inquisitiveness is often expressed in music, cooking, building and brewing. George, who has an infectious grin plastered above his sea-captain beard, also likes to see others enjoy and participate in his creations; collab brews, home cooked feasts at his mid-reno home, or simply sitting down for a good solid yarn and a pint of Duncan’s beer.

Waimatao Familton | Supporter, Creative, Organisor
Organisor, facilitator, beer taster and screen printer. Wai keeps things in check behind the scenes.

Geoffrey Joe | Designer, Ideas Man
Graphic and digital designer, beer drinker, dumpling enthusiast.

Duncan's Community
Duncan's Brewing Co. is supported by a talented and creative team; Laura Honey, William Duncan, Cory Anderson, Jason Erskine, Cas Larkin, Bill Duncan.