Our team is small but we're supported by a big community.

Owned and operated by George Duncan and Wai Familton, Duncan’s is the result of a 22,000 km road trip circumnavigating the USA, where they drank their way through a multitude of sessionable and sometimes questionable beer offerings. Clearly, a beer obsession was born.

George Duncan | Brewer, Boss, Smiley Guy
George likes to play with new style beers, which respectfully nod to the past.

Waimatao Familton | Supporter, Creative, Organisor
Facilitator, beer taster and screen printer.

Geoffrey Joe | Designer, Ideas Man
Graphic and digital designer, beer drinker, dumpling enthusiast.

Dr. D Foothead | Illustrator, Other Ideas Man
Dear friend and hypnotic artist.

Quad | Brewery Dog
Quality pat controller.